101 Essential Oil Blends for Aromatic and Topical Use


Your Everyday Guide to Using Essential Oils

Feeling run down and need a natural pick-me-up? Want to create an inviting and calming atmosphere in your home? Looking for a list of essential oil blends all in one place? Save time scrolling. Make 101 Essential Oil Blends for Aromatic and Topical Use your go-to resource. Turn to this curated collection of oil combinations with confidence, featuring carefully researched scientific explanations of every oil’s purpose in each blend.

Categories include two sections for emotional and psychological support; a section on physical support for the immune, endocrine, and respiratory systems (including blends specifically for adrenal support); and a section with diffuser blends for every season. Also included is important safety information, instruction on proper dilution per established guidelines, and the most efficient and effective ways to use these blends.

  • Learn which oils to use for emotional and psychological support
  • Learn which oils to use for physical support
  • Learn proper dilution for topical usage and blending principles for aromatic use

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